What We are About

Brisbane Poly People started in June 2011 when several polyamorous people (and one poly-friendly person) gathered in a West End coffee shop to create a group that aspires to operate ethically and respectfully towards each other and its members.

Using the Meetup.com platform, the volunteers behind Brisbane Poly People are organisers, not owners.

Our role is not to promote the merits of polyamory to the world at large. We recognise that the personal is political but we are not as advocates or spokespeople on behalf of the community or arbiters within it.

We work to hold space for polyamorous, poly-curious and poly-friendly people to gather in person, talk to each other, and build community together. We do that through organising a regular monthly social/discussion afternoon each month and as much of a variety of other events as we have capacity for.

The group has gone through some changes over the years – thousands of members, several organisers, a few regular venues (and one name change).

BPP’s organisers are committed to privacy, inclusion, consent and equity regardless of labels or identities.

Our current organisers are Sabina, Steph, Peekay and Sarah.

This website is a way of sharing information about the group, our values, events and additional resources that may be of interest to members. Thanks for dropping by

Happy 8th Birthday Brisbane Poly People. Treats from our birthday Meetup 8 June 2019